Who the hell is this guy?

He is a writer, bass player, and is known to dabble in other instruments including the NS-Stick, as well as being an artist, and teacher of English.
Is currently residing in Germany with family.
Has also decided to set up his own business.
In his spare time, he tries to be creative.

Here’s the band playing at live in the Kulturrampe Krefeld.

And now just to please the Germans:


Philip Shiell

Friedrich-Ebert Strasse 226





9 Responses to Who the hell is this guy?

  1. kellyeik says:

    Brilliant! Really really enjoyed this video! I am a massive Phil Shiell fan! Grüsse aus Australien!

  2. HI Kelly,

    You found me!
    Glad you like it.
    I’ve just got back from Steffi and Jurgen in Bedburg. I’m helping them out with a new project.
    I’ve uploaded some photos from today.
    Talk soon.


  3. Now, THIS is my kind of music. Really awesome performance here.

  4. Hey, Phil, mind if I post this to the musicmonger blog?

  5. Never mind “Who” is this guy, how about WHERE the hell is this guy???? Come back, Philip Shiell, come back!!!! You are sorely missed!

    • HI!

      Thanks for the message!
      You have awoken the blogger from the quagmire of despair.
      No, really I’m still here.. still trying to do things.
      However, the problem is I am self employed (we run our own translation company and language school) and the past four months have gone off the scale in terms of workload. This is something we had never anticipated… it is a very positive aspect of our work… but it has eaten into so much of what I started last year i.e. social media.

      I have had to re-balance everything and it is not easy; it is a challenge and, unfortunately, my creativity has been focused on my work… the old story, leaving no time for writing or blogging 😦
      I had already started an article based on the pros and cons of machine generated translating – but another deadline shot that one to the moon.

      I will try and catch up though!


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