Summer music

This is my daughter at the fun fair last year.

We had a great gig in Bonn yesterday evening: small venue but had a cool atmosphere.
Due to the good feeling I had to get some ideas down on the old computer. Here is one.
It’s simply called Summer Groove:


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A creative person who loves books, films, music, writing and teaching.

6 Responses to Summer music

  1. Love it!!! Makes me want to dance, in the shade of a big tree on a Summer afternoon, with an ice cold beer in hand, of course. Really like this a lot. Glad to hear the band is still playing gigs, too. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on theminstrelscitadel and commented:
    From the prolific mind of the esteemed Phil Shiell. (Keep playing!)

  3. Hiya, Phil. Hope Spring has been kind to you so far. Not sure if you’ve heard of this guy or not but I’m totally digging his new album. Going to see him at Red Rocks with “Daughter” in October- can’t come soon enough! Check him out:


    • Cool music. He has a soft voice. Holiday music… dreamy, relaxing, but with a hint of melancholy. Hints of Tracy Chapman… nice

      How are you doing?

      I have been “blog dead” recently.. well for about one year AHHHHHHHHHHH!

      What should I do?

      Talk soon.

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