Taking a step into the past

Another beautiful day.

I was invited to friends who live in a wonderful little place known as Alt-Kaster, a fantastic village near the town of Bedburg.

Once you pass through the main gate, you’re transported into another time.
Here is a photo of the main gate, the “Agatha-Tor”, which is a gateway to another world.

Leaving my car at the main entrance (you can only drive through the village if you live there), I strolled down main street to the church. Our friends live next to the church, a small cobble stone alley leads to the main entrance as you can see in the photo below. I think their house was once the former rectory house.

All of the houses are listed buildings. This is most likely the reason the local TV has used the village for filming.

As we sat outside, soaking up the sun, discussing the project, their cat joined us; however, he was soon drawn away to a nearby tree where the pigeons were cooing.

As you can see he’s a big fan of Peter Parker!
Don’t worry, no birds were caught during the making of this film. It was too hot for kitty, so he headed back to the cool shadows of Jürgen’s photo studio.

Steffi and Jürgen have a fantastic house in the village. He is a professional photographer and has come up with some innovative ideas for photographing food.
Here are some examples from his BIG-FOOD-ART concept:

big food art

Check out his website: http://www.food-foto-koeln.de/


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A creative person who loves books, films, music, writing and teaching.

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