The shadows of symmetry

It was a scorcher today, and we found ourselves drifting along the Rhine looking for round stones for a school project for my daughter.

Passing under a bridge, I snapped an interesting view.



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A creative person who loves books, films, music, writing and teaching.

8 Responses to The shadows of symmetry

  1. Julye Hoang says:

    Is it your daughter? She looks so pretty, and the whole picture is stunning.

  2. Thanks,
    Most of the photos are random things I see around the place.

    Yes, that’s our little Liz.

    This is a strange photo because of the light.
    I was in the shadow of the bridge and a few metres away it was very bright sunlight.
    The camera’s built in metre selected a different setting, making it darker, spooky!

    Do you like photography?


    • Julye Hoang says:

      Yeah, of course, I love photography. I just didn’t have much chance to get a nice camera and pursue this photographic dream of mine. But I will, in a few months.

      • Photography is fun!
        I have have a Lumix FX 20. It’s old but has a very good Leica lens.
        I took these shots with my Samsung mobile.
        At the moment, I’m stealing a few minutes to work on the beginning of the next story.
        The first chapter is called “Nightmare man”.
        He is collecting the dreams of people held in an eternal sleep. He needs their dream essence!
        But why?


      • Julye Hoang says:

        Woa, you really, really are a hard-working writer it amazes me :”) I need to learn so much from you.

      • I just keep on trying…
        I’m learning too.
        I don’t know if this is any good though.
        You can read some if you like?
        Do you have time?

      • Julye Hoang says:

        -sigh- Time is the only thing that I don’t have right now along with motivation. I’ll need a long time to be healed from this pain.

  3. Let the healing take priority.
    It takes time, I know.
    I use writing as a therapy to forget other things, escape into another reality.
    I suppose you have to if you write fantasy!
    I’ll write and when you’re ready you can take a peek.

    You mentioned the kids books and a workshop.
    How is that coming on with the company. I checked out the website it looks really interesting.


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