A mere paradox…. on a Sunday

I relinquished my grip upon the machine as it steadied itself.
My hands shaking, not only from the journey, but from my anticipation as to what this new world would reveal to me.
Had I travelled so far into the future?

I looked around, my mind still reeling from the sights of the millennia that had passed before my eyes.
It was difficult to comprehend that I’d travelled in time, that my creation had taken me from the smoke stacks of London, the dirt ridden tenements of slavery, to a new world, a new culture.
Would these new men look upon me as a mere child, their intellect far superior to my own?
I quickly dismissed the thought; I was a man of science, and not a mere tourist.

Stepping down from the machine, I looked around, taking in my surroundings. I was dwarfed by edifices that no man from my age could conceive. The architects from this age blended art with functionality perfectly.

However, as my eyes became accustomed to the place, the reality gripped me, and I saw, in that instant, that these were no more than the vestiges of what was once a proud city.
Rising into the blue sky were towers of marble and glistening crystal, carved and rendered in a myriad of precious stones. What was once beauty was now shrouded in an abundance of ivy and vines, reduced to memories pointing into space, losing their battle to the onset of time.

But as I walked in the shadows of these great cyclopean wonders, I heard the sing-song sound of voices rising from the depths of the nearest building.
Was I to meet the men of the future?
I braced myself as the diminutive creatures approached.

“Dad, can we go home now. I’m hungry.”
Liz looked tired after her morning at Bible class, her first one.
I shook my head, waking up to her presence.
The sun, scorching hot this morning, had sent me into a day dream.
I stared at the church towering above us, reminded of the time traveller so many years ahead of us, waiting, waiting…

“Yeah, come on. Let’s go and have a second breakfast.”


Evangelischen Kirchengemeinde Krefeld-Ost.


About Philip Shiell
A creative person who loves books, films, music, writing and teaching.

2 Responses to A mere paradox…. on a Sunday

  1. Gardner's World says:

    The building certainly looks futuristic, and I like how it has helped inspire some amazing thoughts

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