In the park


A stroll through out local park on an early Saturday morning.


This is just a stone’s throw away from where we live, a microcosm of life and beauty on our doorstep.
Hard to imagine this place in winter, the lake frozen and hundreds of kids skating along the ice, the world frozen, dormant, waiting for a day like today where it can live again.

As I look at the water, I think to myself that is was cleaner once. But then again, it could be due to the build up of organic material? Floating sediments as a result of the abundance of life here?
This is a job for the council.

As I contemplate this, a swan hears me walking along the bridge that crosses the lake.Curious, it floats across, looking to see whether I have some bread crumbs.

Quickly discovering I am not the morning paparazzi, it points its beak into the air and drifts away.











Breakfast is calling. I must leave this place. But only for a while…



About Philip Shiell
A creative person who loves books, films, music, writing and teaching.

3 Responses to In the park

  1. smperkins62 says:

    Really beautiful pics! And I like how you say the swan “points its beak in the air” and leaves. I can just imagine the swan’s disgust that you brought it no breakfast!

    • Thank the early morning Sun for the pics. Samsung S3 did the rest.

      Swans are so fussy, but they look beautiful just gracefully gliding along.

      Just for info, this small lake is home to a huge Koi (60cm) that someone dumped here and there are some turtles. Its crazy what people just put in the local lakes.
      Apparently these “new kids in the pond” are eating a lot of the indigenous life, such as frog spawn and smaller fish. Crazy world just around the corner. And all this before breakfast!

      I don’t know if you understand any German but here is a newspaper article referencing this.
      Tip: run it through Google translator

    • Stu!
      Hi there.

      Here’s a big hello from Krefeld to Arlington: HALLOOOOO!
      What have you got cooking for us?
      It’s like X-mas waiting for your next story…
      Why don’t you put up some pics from where you live.
      Love to see what you’re seeing.


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