The “snowflake” method

With two more chapters to go on “Windbound” book one, I should be able to finish this in the next few days. Then I’ll put it aside for a few days to let it settle down before commencing the revisions and editing.

Always pays to do something else, get my head free.

I’ve also been scribbling away in my note book, sketching out some characters (literally), and putting together a new idea.

What was initially a short story has blossomed out into a plot. There’s no controlling it.

As always I’ll be using elements of the “snow flake” method for planning this.

The initial idea was derived from a specific scene I had of a black cat sitting in front of a grandfather clock and a sleepy little girl waking up to find out where her pet wanders off to at night.

Turning this around and around in my head, other elements started to rear their heads! Things started getting out of control, and to cut a long story short (yawn) a flood of characters started to fill my mind.

I was also lucky enough to devise a possible ending. If the ending is in place all I have to do is get there! And this usually works for me.

Stage one: brief description:

The story of a young girl drawn into an alternate reality (Backdrop) which has been frozen in perpetual night. Apart from a ragged band of creatures who want to help her, everyone else remains in a deep sleep.

But why do the strange invaders to this world need to collect the nightmares of the sleeping people in Backdrop and how can she stop them?

OK, this is the first description, and hopefully it will keep me on track.
Next stage is to pencil in a few key scenes and characters. A mind map also does the trick, something visual to keep track.

This is going to be an exercise in self discipline!



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