Wandering around in the virtual sea of writing tips

I used to be addicted to aimlessly wading through the virtual world of “writing tips”.
Not that there’s anything wrong with what these people are offering: No! On the contrary: there’s a veritable hotbed of valuable information to be gleaned from them.

However, a few years ago, this became a kind of lunch break addiction for me, Googling that next tasty morsel to add to my ever growing list of “oooh, shouldn’t forget to use that method for defining…” ah, you know what I mean.

But, after hours of throwing my net out, wading through the waters and returning to the virtual beach to peruse my catch, I often found some interesting flotsam and jetsam that I read, digested and regurgitated for my own use.

One item that made its way for a good filleting session was this page, which I marinated on more than one occasion!


It wasn’t this particular page that grabbed my attention, initially, but rather his snow flake method for organising, which would be this little baby:

I sat reading this, and really started to soak it in and using some of these tips. It was “Step 1” that caught my imagination and stuck with me.

This is just a tip, one of many, but for me it was worthwhile reading. It taught me about structuring and bringing things together.


About Philip Shiell
A creative person who loves books, films, music, writing and teaching.

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