Rubber duck race!!!!

Not much writing to be done today. Sunday is family day. I can concentrate on Windbound later!

What a great day.
I took Liz, my daughter, to our local city forest today, where the biennial rubber duck race took place.
First we had to buy our ducks from the local Lions Club here in Krefeld, the main organisers.
Today, there were two competitions: the duck race and the best dressed duck.
So, ducks in pocket, we made our way over to the duck dressing zone where the organisers had laid on everything you needed to get your duck lucking cool.

Someone’s got her eye on the best dressed duck first prize!

Ducks finished, we set off for a walk to find out what was happening.
The city forest doesn’t have a river; it’s just a couple of lakes jammed together.
So the question is: how the hell do you get your rubber duck to move? Hydropower? Built in duck engines? No
The local fire brigade were responsible for this:

The first race of the day.

We also went on a little boat trip around the lakes.
I managed to snap a couple of shots of the summer visitors making camp on one of the islands dotted around the lake.
They’d obviously heard about the race and got front side seats to watch the action:

A family of Canada Geese enjoying a quick preening session before the race starts.

I also took a shot of one of my favourite monuments at Stadtwald: the Deuss Temple, which is not a stone’s throw away from the extremely inviting beer garden.

A room with a view (a bit drafty though)

Finally, it was our race. Liz and I got places close to the finish line.
The atmosphere was electric (sounds of snoring)… well…, you know what I mean: for a duck race it was good for the kids!

And the winner is…

We left empty handed
But who cares, it was all for charity.

All in all a pretty good Sunday!


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