After the revelation, several hours ago, that I had been tempted away from my biggest project yet, and my lack of understanding of why this deceitful act could have taken place, I’m now new man!

I may have stood at the edge of the metaphoric abyss (cue orchestral build up reminiscent of Ave Satani looping in the back ground) preparing my downfall, running away from this monster of a project, and seeking sanctuary in something new… but… looking down into that dark pit of bubbling lava, I got a bit of vertigo, and decided to delve back into well-known territory.

Cut a long story short: exposing my soul to this virtual journal got me back on track again.

Windbound part one is now on the way to being finished!

Weeeeeeee. Let’s celebrate with a song:

I love this song.
I just want to jump around and dance every time I hear it.


About Philip Shiell
A creative person who loves books, films, music, writing and teaching.

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