……..the first page… what’s it all about?

First blog… wow… better get things started then.

What do I want to achieve with this blog? Well…, after giving it some thought and spending several weeks travelling Twitter and DA and other places in this virtual universe, it occurred to me that, as a creative person and teacher, I needed my own virtual cubbyhole, a place where I could write a journal, rant and rave, and do other things; however, and more importantly, I wanted to create a place where people could exchange ideas, discuss things, offer their perspective, ask for help, and hopefully find support and a helping hand (if it has anything to do with writing and learning English that is).

It’s always a bit intimidating when you do something like this for the first time…
Visually, this place is a catastrophe for a first offering. But, I suppose its like everything in life, such as moving into your very first flat: you never have enough money to furnish the place on the first day.

Oh well…, here goes:
Today, being Tuesday, is the day of a new idea – a visual book.
After uploading an old image to DA, a horse which I’d painted many, many years ago, it struck me that I hadn’t created anything like this for a while. It had been very satisfying to create such images, so I thought about getting back into it.
So the visual book would form the basis for a new start.
I’m already in the midst of writing a book for children (Windbound) but, after messing around with some photos I took yesterday, I’ve decided to put together a quick illustrated story. I’ll be using manipulated photos as well as pen and ink all in black and white.

Sooty the cat
This is the inspiration from yesterday.
Yeah, its pretty basic, but its just the building block.

The story is one that I’ve been toying with for a long time, and is based around one simple idea: never follow a cat on his adventures when he leaves your house at night!
Let’s see what happens!


About Philip Shiell
A creative person who loves books, films, music, writing and teaching.

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